Emma tries to help Will with funeral plans and Shula is disappointed that Alistair doesn’t want to go away with her.

Radio Times: Shula is left disappointed and Will finds himself overwhelmed

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  • In part because of his own bereavement, Oliver calls on Will to offer hope. He also tells Will that probate is granted on Caroline’s will. He gives Will a cheque for £1000 which Will tells him to leave on the sideboard. Alan arrives as Oliver leaves and Alan brings up the issue of the funeral. It is set for the 20th and will be a green burial. Alan asks for readings and hymns.
  • Alistair is annoyed Anisha has asked him to sponsor her for Sports Relief. It is a complicated operation involving steps taken. Oliver arrives to distribute Caroline’s bequest of £2000 and he reminds Shula that Caroline wanted her to spend it on herself.
  • Will doesn’t want the children to attend the funeral but Alan suggests that it might be a valuable part of the grieving process. Emma doesn’t seem to mind inserting herself into the funeral plans. Emma asks for George to come to hers for, uh, Mother’s Day. Emma stumbles as she realises what she is saying but Will doesn’t seem to hear. He tells Emma that Poppy asked if Will can’t kiss Mummy and wake her up like Sleeping Beauty. Emma mentions that the funeral might help; George thinks he is going. Emma suggests he talk to Mia and Jake about it now. Will insists Poppy is too young.
  • Shula receives flowers and a lovely message from Dan. Alistair notices that Shula has information on going overseas to provide equine rehabilitation or helping handicapped children ride. Alistair is astonished to find Shula expects them both to go for 2 or 3 months. But they both run businesses, protests Alistair. Anisha owes Alistair and Shula has a good manager. Alistair claims it just doesn’t appeal.
  • Emma asks for the suit Will will wear to the funeral because Clarrie wants to take it to be cleaned. Will sadly notes he only has one and it is the suit he got married in. Emma offers to sort the funeral for him. Will gets angry and tells Emma that she isn’t his wife. Emma says she really would like to do this; Emma is grieving for Nic, too, and she hates she didn’t have a chance to put things right. Will answers that Nic wouldn’t want ill feelings to continue.
  • Alistair complains that Jim has bought Ben’s old keyboard and he isn’t very talented. Jazzer complains constantly. Shula is taking a horse out but Alistair tells her he has second thoughts about Shula’s idea. Alistair suggests she go on her own since the money was for her. Shula thought it would be something new they could do together; she asks if he will be happy for her to disappear from his life for a few months. Alistair tries to explain but Shula leaves while saying she will be gone some time.

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