Brian tries to help Kate’s business and Toby suggests that Rex become a pig man at Hollow Tree.

Radio Times: Toby has a cunning plan

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  • Rex is scrubbing out his taxi because a passenger has vomited in the back seat. He complains of others who didn’t pay or complained. Toby invites Rex to lunch at The Bull and announces he has a plan which will cheer Rex up. Rex grumbles it will take more than a sandwich to do that.
  • Adam is working on growing tables while one of the tractors is repaired. Adam tells Brian the Eastern European workers have been scared off by Brexit. Adam is hoping to target mums during school time to make up the labour, and he plans to target college students during holidays when mums won’t be as willing to work. Brian notes that Brits just don’t want to do this work. Brian tells Adam that Kate’s bookings are down.
  • At The Bull, Toby’s discussion with Rex is interrupted by Tony who wishes to place an order for lunch. Adam invites Tony to join him and Brian for lunch. Brian is annoyed when Adam tells him Tony will come over to eat. They catch up on the village gossip. Work has started on the housing development and Helen has been nominated for her cheese in the Best Food Producer category for the national food awards. Tony then asks about the costs of the clean up and manages to irritate Brian. Brian excuses himself and tells Toby to put the cost of the lunch of the clean up crew on Brian’s tab. Tony continues to witter on about the new building Helen and Tom wish to put up. Justin calls and offers Brian another excuse to escape.
  • Toby’s plan is that Neil’s pigs would be moved to Hollow Tree and Rex would take care of them. There’s a ready market for the pigs; it won’t be a start from the beginning as with the geese. It will take a few years to get organic status but the operation is practically guaranteed. Rex is dubious.
  • Brian has been looking online for masseuses for Kate’s business and the people he has found aren’t quite what he expected. He tells Adam not to mention it to Jennifer and Adam replies no fear there. Brian then surprises Adam by asking if he thinks the land should be ‘spiritually cleansed’. Adam laughs but Brian declares his family is suffering from this incident and he wants to do everything he can to put it right.

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