Joe confides to Ed his worries about Nic’s dying words and Shula is disappointed once again in Alistair.

Radio Times: Joe makes an admission and Fallon steps up

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  • As Joe and Ed harness the pony, they talk about Nic’s funeral and the way everyone is pitching in to help. Joe is headed for The Bull.
  • Kenton and Harrison tease each other about the Sport Relief walk. Fallon is not at the Tea Room because she wants to talk to her father about the catering for Nic’s funeral to be held at The Bull. Joe comes in for a drink and hesitates over asking Kenton a question.
  • Alistair tries to apologise for his reaction to Shula’s camp plans. He asks Shula to come home around 6 tonight. He plans a surprise.
  • Joe brings up Matt Crawford’s accident and asks Kenton if he was serving that night. Was Nic working, too, asks Joe. He staggers backward when Kenton tells Joe that Nic had to leave early because Poppy was ill.
  • Shula dresses up and Alistair has all the ingredients to cook a Goan curry together. He went all the way into Borchester to source the exotic ingredients. He thought they could do it together but Shula is clearly disappointed in Alistair’s surprise.
  • Joe surprises Ed as he comes back early. He mumbles that he thought Nic was raving but now he is not so sure. He makes Ed promise not to tell anyone, but Nic confessed that she ran over Matt Crawford. Ed doesn’t believe it but Joe is quite distressed. Ed tries to convince Joe that Nic couldn’t have knocked Matt Crawford down. Ed points out it wasn’t like the Nic they knew. Joe answers Ed didn’t hear her dying words.

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