Shula leaves Alistair and Bev is worried about William

Radio Times: Alistair’s world collapses. Clarrie has a visitor

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  • Bev has been staying with William but she comes to Clarrie’s to talk about the funeral arrangements. Joe comes in and Clarrie fixes breakfast for all. Ed briefly greets Bev. Clarrie suggests that Mia and Jake may wish to make some suggestions for the music.
  • Shula slept in a separate bedroom and Alistair asks if he were snoring. Shula tells him that their marriage is over; she really can’t go on any longer. She has been struggling for years with this. Shula says she just doesn’t love Alistair anymore. Alistair is shocked. Shula runs to Kenton and pours her heart out to him. Shula feels no passion for Alistair; things are just pleasant. She is 61 and is this the way the rest of her life will be? Shula believes if she goes on like this much longer, she will end up hating Alistair. What will Shula tell Dan and the family, Shula wails? Kenton tells her he will sort it and she can stay with Kenton and Jolene while she thinks about things.
  • Bev tells Clarrie she is very worried about William. We all are, replies Clarrie sadly.
  • Kenton has a very awkward time with Alistair as he collects Shula’s clothes. Alistair has to tell Kenton which things are Shula’s favourites. Poor Alistair ends up doing the choosing and the packing. Alistair seems to think this is temporary and Shula will be home tomorrow or so. Kenton is a bit vague. What about Shula’s business? Kenton replies that Shula will come home to work and then go back to The Bull at night. Alistair asks Kenton why this is happening. Kenton tries to be matter of fact; he knows this is hard but sometimes things just run their course.

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