Shula tries to make her decision clear to Alistair and reveals the split to Jim. Adam is ousted from the Soil Group because of the land contamination.

Radio Times: Jim is caught in the middle and Adam finds himself ousted

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  • Jazzer talks the downside of pig-keeping with Jazzer. But it’s worth it, says Jazzer. The pigs are funny, intelligent and great animals to work with. Rex is left bemused. Jim brings in Rex’s phone which is ringing. As he steps out to take the call, Jazzer presents Jim with a present of headphones. This way he can play the keyboard whenever he wishes without disturbing Jazzer.
  • Shula is giving a lesson and Alistair interrupts her. He insists on talking about Shula’s departure. Alistair believes they can fix things but Shula replies that time is gone.
  • Jazzer’s idea of the headphones isn’t so perfect since Jim tends to say the notes aloud as he practises. Jazzer groans with annoyance as he tries to play his video game. Jim then complains about the sound level of the game.
  • Shula tells Alistair that she has tried for years to make their marriage work. She stresses that she is really thinking of the future and what she needs to be happy. Alistair says he had no idea she was unhappy but Shula interrupts to say that is just the point. Alistair asks for a compromise but Shula says she has been compromising for over 20 years. Jim interrupts and asks to borrow the television from Dan’s room for Jazzer to use in another room for his games. Shula begins to object and then abruptly announces that she doesn’t care since she and Alistair are not together anymore. Jim asks what is going on but Alistair insists it is only a blip and will be resolved very soon.
  • Toby and Rex discuss extending the lease at Hollow Tree for the pigs. David has agreed to an extension of two years since he is happy to have pigs back on Brookfield Farm. Rex tells Toby that their father has arranged an office job for him but he refused to work indoors. That was the deciding factor for Rex in taking on the pigs. It is clear from Toby’s remarks that he arranged for his dad to offer the desk job in order to force Rex to become a pigman but Rex doesn’t twig.
  • Adam receives a call from Michael Park of the Soil Group. He wants to meet very soon. A meeting is arranged for tonight in Penny Hassett. Adam meets Michael and he enthusiastically wants to begin discussing agenda items. Michael has to give Adam the bad news that the land contamination problem means that other committee members don’t want Adam in a prominent position. They also want the walks and open days on Home Farm to end as well. Adam angrily quits membership in the group, never mind the committee. He storms out.

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