Alice’s riding joy is brought down by Ed’s joyriding.

Radio Times: Chandler needs friends.

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  • Lilian has decided to go ahead with the face-lift but using a reputable plastic surgeon. She will consult her man in Harley Street. Isn’t Jennifer just a little bit tempted – certainly not.
  • Jazzer is rather dismissive of Ed’s car boot sale duties; stealing cars is much more fun. They find a nice sporty job with tinted windows and unlocked too.
  • David calls at Home Farm to borrow the Hassett Hills artwork; he plans to have some T-shirts printed for their model car race team. He is impressed by Alice’s skill at the controls of her car. Would she like to join Team Meat-eor – cetainly not.
  • Jazzer is having fun, putting the wind up the Sunday drivers he comes across; this is much better than Ed’s toy cars, although the spikes sound cool. Why don’t they head for Ambridge; with tinted windows nobody will recognise them.
  • Alice is saddling Chandler for a ride and getting some unnecessary advice from Lilian about how to adjust the girth. His two sisters tease Tony about the pony he bought Helen when she was small; the inappropriately named Comet made her a laughing stock. Helen’s current “phase” also comes in for some comment: Lilian thinks it must be man trouble but Tony reckons that men don’t usually trouble Helen.
  • Hurtling down the narrow lanes, Ed lobbies for Emma Carter to be their new singer but Jazzer is not keen. He narrowly misses a grain trailer attached to Debbie’s tractor, then frightens Chandler who goes down.
  • Of course, Alice has a mobile phone and is able to call for help immediately: she thinks Chandler’s leg is broken.

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