More estate trouble for Brian, Ruth’s feeling tired and Helen’s “date” was over early.

Radio Times: Helen has a secret meeting.

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  • Debbie is getting pretty tired from the harvest but its also the worry about how things are going. She shouldn’t care about the estate crops but she is determined Matt Crawford shouldn’t have something to whinge about. Lunch would be good but Bert is keen to regale people with his poem again. It takes Brian to get rid of him.
  • Usha is preparing supper for Ruth but she wishes they’d gone out instead – especially to somewhere where there is no one from Ambridge. Helen agrees. Pat is interested to hear that Helen is planning to go out for a drink after supper but she won’t say who with. She’s pretty annoyed Kirsty has been talking about the flapjack man. She’s fed up with people sticking their nose in her mouth.
  • Brian is surprised to hear he’s been told by one of the fisherman on the Am that they have been told their lease won’t be renewed at the end of the season. Of course, Matt and Graham Ryder aren’t around to be asked what’s going on.
  • Ruth is pretty exhausted and Usha thinks she might be doing too much. It’s only a year since a very serious operation. Usha has managed to persuade Siobhán to do the fortune telling at the fete. She will find something glamorous to wear and vamp the men. Bert wants to bore Usha a second time with his poem but even though the idea was Ruth’s fault, they have both had enough.
  • Helen’s drink didn’t last as long as Pat expected – nor Helen apparently. She’s had enough and is off to bed.

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