Eddie’s business is starting to take off and Hayley’s chosen to join Lower Loxley

Radio Times: Eddie makes a refund.

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  • Hayley has decided she can take on the kids’ events at Lower Loxley. She has great ideas for schools but they could even extend into children’s parties in time. But they need to start slowly. They’ll start with a pilot in September. It will mean having to leave the children with Julia.
  • Ed is boasting about his success with Emma at her birthday. But Fallon says it is only because she was drunk and now she’s really embarrassed. Jazzer tries to persuade Fallon back into the band but she is determined not to get involved. Ed lets slip to Clarrie that its her father who is going to feature in Bert’s poem.
  • Fallon tells Hayley that if her grades are good enough she wants to do a B Tech in popular music at Borchester Tech. She doesn’t want to turn into a loser like some other people in Ambridge. One particular person is going to end up in big trouble with the law if he keeps on.
  • Eddie’s got a new van and it’s going to get a customised sign. Derek Fletcher has returned the heron and Jazzer manages to drive the remote car into it to smash it. Never mind, they can turn the body into a duck instead. Ed’s ideas seem to be coming good. He’s turning into a real chip off the old block but is the old block Eddie, Joe or Alf.

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