All the adults are plotting to drive the cars and Phil’s planning on taking Jill on a trip to Australia.

Radio Times: Shula is a woman of mystery.

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  • David’s mystery birthday present to Shula turns out to be a 1965 Thunderbirds annual to make up for the one he scribbled on when they were children. It must be a peace offering. Shula is looking forward to her birthday dinner but won’t tell Alistair what she is up to instead.
  • The Herefords are looking very good. It was the best decision for the farm. Phil is planning to take Jill to Australia in October/November and is going to plan a date when he calls Kenton today. It will help to give Jill something to think about after the move.
  • Turns out Jennifer, Lillian and Shula have been sharing a seaweed wrap for her birthday. It’s wonderfully relaxing. It’s hard to believe they can feel so good on a Wednesday afternoon. Lillian thinks Shula shouldn’t be keeping secrets from Alistair. It’s the slippery slope but maybe some mystery is important in a relationship.
  • Alistair has had to bribe Daniel with a reptile for a pet if he lets him drive the remote car at the fete. Shula is going to be less than pleased!
  • Alistair is worried that Shula is late and can’t believe it when it turns out she’s been for a seaweed wrap. While they all go in for tea it gives Phil a chance for a go with the remote controlled cars..
  • Shula isn’t best impressed with the idea about a reptile but deciding to have the night in with a bottle of champagne instead of a posh dinner might give Alistair the chance to change her mind.

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