Alice speaks, Hayley ponders Elizabeth’s offer of getting more involved at Lower Loxley and Brian looks forward to Lilian going away for surgery.

Radio Times: Bert is inspired by dentures.

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  • The estate harvest isn’t going brilliantly and Brian is getting a bit fed up. Alice is even being roped into helping on the riding course. Jennifer is worried she doesn’t have any friends but Alice is happier being on her own. There would be more help on the farm if Lillian wasn’t taking Jennifer away all the time. She is costing a fortune.
  • Ruth is irritated with Bert for stopping her getting on with her work but Bert wants to talk about his poetry entry for the cabaret night. Ruth thinks there might be some good stories in Jethro Larkins’ false teeth.
  • Jennifer and Brian are really impressed with how much the fishing has improved on the Am since they did the improvements and Mike did the coppicing. Its good to think something has gone right. Brian gets to realise that if Lillian does go for the plastic surgery she will probably have to go to London and stay there ages to recuperate. Things seem to be cheering him up no end.
  • Hayley’s having some problems finding plates to smash at the fete but there may be some leads in Stoke on Trent. Hayley didn’t realise that Elizabeth had been asking her to run the children’s’ events at Lower Loxley. She hasn’t done anything like that before but she’ll give it some thought.
  • Alice impresses Hayley with how grown up she is even though she is only 13 next month. Alice is training hard for the car race with Simon. She had to go through her whole family to find a partner. She is far better than him. You have to try new things or you get stuck in the same box forever. You mustn’t give up. Hayley thinks the advice might be sound.

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