Helen’s love-life is causing Kirsty amusement and the car-race preperations are building up

Radio Times: Kirsty suspects the flapjack man.

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  • Helen is caught on the ‘phone to a mystery person who didn’t call when they should have done. Whoever it was she is going to call them back but she is pretty short with Kirsty about it.
  • Eddie has finally sold his heron to Derek Fletcher. His van is going to have to go though. He’ll only get scrap for the old one with the radiator gone. He’ll need something bigger for all the ornaments. Mike is getting pretty cocky about his strongman role at the fete. Sid is going to take him on. Eddie suggests that the cars in the race should be allowed and maybe the cars could even have names. Sid and Alistair think it might be a good idea. They’ll also need someone else to build the course so its fair. Tony makes an ill timed entrance!
  • Kirsty is pleased to get the chance to help outside the shop. Helen is just so tight lipped. Kirsty tells Tom she thinks Helen might be interested in the flapjack man. She’s always nice around him.
  • Alistair isn’t having much luck persuading Daniel to give him a go. Sid has had to resort to bribing Jamie with a race course of his own. Sid’s car is going to be called the Bulldozer but Alistair won’t be able to decide without talking to Daniel and Shula.
  • Tony’s getting quite keen on the car race. He’s measured out the course and introduced a chicane and a pit stop. They can even go the whole hog and have a chequered flag, a podium and alcohol free champagne.
  • Helen has had a tough day but she has got through to her ‘friend’ and is meeting them later in the week. But Kirsty is going to have to mind her own business.

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