Ruth’s having trouble selling her stuff and Lilian’s amused at her sister’s annoyance at plastic surgery.

Radio Times: Lilian makes a decision.

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  • Not much success selling Ruth’s cast-offs from the bungalow – her things all seem a little tatty. Even Eddie’s not interested, unusuall he doesn’t want to spend more than he makes. But David has bought Shula’s birthday present.
  • Jennifer is still annoyed Brian thought she was considering a face lift but Lillian thinks it’s great fun. She still thinks she’ll give it a go. It’s certainly easier than going to the gym. Beauty treatments might be a better choice for both of them – perhaps even a seaweed wrap.
  • Ed and Eddie have done well at the boot sale until the radiator gives up on the van but even being stuck in the lay-by gives them a chance to sell a few more ornaments. Plus the breakdown gives Ed and idea how to get the spikes on the remote control car – fake a breakdown and they’ll win hands down.

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