Beverley’s resigned, Brian mistakenly think Jennifer’s for the surgeon’s knife and there’s uproar at the Grundy car team

Radio Times: The gauntlet is thrown down.

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  • Nigel had a great time at his falconry course. The twins have grown while he’s been away – even in a week. Elizabeth is passing on her news about the village and the school etc but there seems to be something she is avoiding. Eventually it slips out, Beverley has resigned. Never mind. Elizabeth can do it all herself.
  • Brian and David are reminiscing over the docusoap. It was quite fun in the end. Alistair’s arrival with some leaflets on wormer leads to the discovery of some more on plastic surgery. Brian is horrified by the idea and by the cost! He thinks they are for Jennifer.
  • Brian is wining and dining Jennifer at Grey Gables but she is suspicious he might be feeling guilty about something. She’s not impressed when she finds out its because he thinks she’s considering a face lift.
  • Tim and Siobhan don’t turn up to celebrate the saving of the school. They seem to have gone away for the weekend. But the serious business is the car race and Eddie turns up to pay his subs. The others aren’t impressed. Ed’s not a child but there is no cut off age and Ed is only 16. Alistair tries to change the rules but Eddie’s having none of it. Its not as if Freddy is going to be operating the controls himself. There is nothing for it. The parents are going to have to take over the controls – not that they wanted to anyway. It’s pistons at dawn!

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