Jack’s worried about the documentary, but the screening was a success. Lillian fancies a bit of plastic surgery.

Radio Times: Grey Gables has its 15 minutes.

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  • Sid and Jamie are putting in some serious practice for the race. Brenda thinks Roy would have joined in but Phoebe’s too young. Helen is worried about Brenda. She wants to cheer her up but Brenda is still hurting. She would have taken her to the Bull to watch the docusoap but Brenda is covering it for the radio anyway. It’s not going to be much fun since Lillian is bound to be there.
  • Jack is off his food. The docusoap is making him nervous. If only he’d read the contract. He is going to look a fool. Jean Paul is looking forward to the screening though. Lillian certainly has an appetite even if Jack hasn’t. She has no intention of cutting down her drinking or giving up smoking.
  • The screening is a success after all. Most people seem very impressed and even Jean Paul thinks it makes him look good. Lillian wasn’t impressed with the scene in the pool but otherwise the only disconcerted figure seems to be Linda. She got to open and close the programme but she seemed to expect to be in every scene. She didn’t look too pleased when she stalked out.
  • Lillian starts reminiscing over old times with Sid. Things have certainly changed. Its all right for men – look at Sid, he’s a new man. It’s not for Lillian though. Seeing herself on screen has convinced her. She definitely going for the plastic surgery.

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