Helen reacts strangely to news of Greg and Siobhán and Edward convinces Ed to take part in the car race

Radio Times: Ed drives a hard bargain.

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  • Clarrie is still helping Eddie with the ornaments since Ed is on strike. Eddie is just going to have to pay him a percentage and have done with it. It was odd that Ed wasn’t out last night. It was supposed to be band practice. Just where did they go round with him. They haven’t had much luck getting rid of the heron either. Even Helen thinks its cross eyed.
  • Eddie tries to convince Usha that the garden ornament business is hard work but she’s not convinced its as tough as farming. The grass is always greener. Eddie is still sure he can convince Ed to join in the car race but Usha has heard he might need some persuading.
  • Siobhán pops into Ambridge Organics on the way to the Council meeting on the school. They should be just rubber stamping the education committee decision but its best to be safe. Siobhán hopes her children will be going to Loxley Barratt one day. Ruth turns up in the shop to buy chocolate for Jill and tells Helen that Siobhán made a pass at Greg at the talent contest. Helen seems to be rather put out.
  • Usha and Siobhán are waiting for Adrian and Tim at the Bull. Siobhán is very impressed that Usha has persuaded Tim to join in Dunk the Doctor at the fete but Usha says it wasn’t her, it must have been Janet. Siobhán is not impressed. Ruth turns up to tell them Janet wants everyone to get together for a drink to celebrate the school not closing – including partners.
  • Eddie finally gives in agrees Ed can have 30% of the profits from the ornaments. He’s also finally persuaded to join the car race – if he gets 50% of the prize money. The car’s going to be called Death Wish with bull bars and spikes on the wheels!

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