Fallon starts to think that’s there’s not much joy in joy-riding and Simon is the shoulder for Ambridge women to cry on.

Radio Times: Fallon says enough.

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  • Ed is trying to tell Fallon about how pathetic he thinks his Dad is but she’s not interested. He want to nick a better car this time but Fallon tells them they’ll never manage it. They take an ordinary one instead.
  • Simon meets up with Lillian for a cup of coffee and tries to cheer her up but she reminds him that he is a year older than her and still chose to marry a woman 25 years younger than him.
  • Brenda’s still pretty fed up. She’s throwing herself into her work instead. Neil has got it all to look forward too although Susan thinks Emma can do better the William Grundy – she should find someone with a bit of style. Its her birthday next week but she’s only going out for a pizza with some friends.
  • Ginger the hen is still getting out. She is managing to fly even with a clipped wing. Neil wants to clip the other one but Betty thinks it would be cruel when she is trying so hard. The way things are going, a fox will get her though.
  • Brenda also turns to Simon for a shoulder to cry on. Simon says she’s better off away from Scott. That sort always let women down. They prey on women. He’s very experienced at this sort of thing with his students. She knows where he is whenever she wants to talk.
  • Ed finally gets the stolen car started but the driving gets too dangerous for Fallon. Her results are due out in 3 weeks and she’s not throwing it all away for a loser like Ed. He may be nicking cars now but where will it end. He’s bound to get caught. She storms off, quitting the band as she goes.

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