Joe resigns from his radio show and Jill readies the bungalow for a holiday let.

Radio Times: Joe makes an announcement.

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  • Clarrie is fed up with helping with Eddie’s garden ornaments. Why doesn’t he just pay Ed what he wants and have done with it. They’ll get the money back with the rent any way. But Eddie thinks its a point of principle. He still thinks he can get Ed to enter the car race with him as well. Joe is pretty depressed about Radio Borchester. He doesn’t know what story he’s going to tell.
  • After weeks of not getting any bookings for Rickyard Cottage, Jill now has two enquiries for one week. The question is will they be able to get the bungalow ready in time. Its still full of Ruth and David’s stuff. And it will need re-equipping if its going to meet English Tourist Board standard.
  • At Borchester Radio it gets very dramatic when Joe finally resigns on air. He just feels he can’t keep it up and he doesn’t want to let his listeners down. Nothing they can do will change his mind. Wayne thinks maybe he could write a book instead.
  • Clarrie and Jill are listening – he had never mentioned anything to her. It was nice that he said he wanted to spend more time with his family.
  • Ed is still hanging around up to not much. Clarrie wishes Eddie would keep him occupied. Ed nearly lets it out about the joy riding but no one seems to notice.

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