Lilian’s close to giving up, she’s too old. Bert wants to reveal Joe as a fake.

Radio Times: Joanna Toye

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  • The harvest is still pretty busy at Brookfield. Even the cricket is having to take second place. But Bert is still concentrating on his verse routines – even if David isn’t too interest.
  • Jennifer and Lillian are struggling on at the gym but Lillian has had enough. She’s too old although Jennifer is eighteen months younger. Lillian is going to spend the rest of her life alone but Jennifer thinks she still has a lot too offer. A drink sounds like a good choice – even Jennifer admits she isn’t enjoying the gym.
  • The Home Farm harvest is also going well but Brian’s pretty fed up. There isn’t much news on the contracting front. He’s taking a back seat at the moment. Its good for Debbie to have more responsibility. He’s also fed up with Lillian. She is costing a fortune.
  • Bert and Joe have a bit of a set to about who is the best storyteller. Bert tells Joe that he knows the Borchester Radio stories are fakes. If Joe doesn’t come clean then Bert will tell them himself.

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