Siobhán apologises to Greg and the story behind Scott’s black-eye are making their way around the village

Radio Times: Greg comes clean.

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  • Lillian and Jennifer are at the gym but Lillian seems to be getting a bit fed up with it. It is beginning to work though. Roy is working out as well before going to pick up Phoebe. Lillian notices Roy has his hand bandaged. He claims it happened at nets. The trouble is, Roy reminds Lillian of Scott. Maybe she’ll find someone else when she’s back in shape.
  • Betty is collecting the eggs with Phoebe. It is going well. Brenda is still pretty quiet but she’s better off without him. Betty has heard the rumour about Scott and has worked out that the black eye came from Roy. She doesn’t approve of violence. Ginger has managed to get out again.
  • Siobhán has to apologise to Greg. She doesn’t know what he must think of her. She doesn’t know what got into her. They agree to call it quits. Greg tries to explain why. He was married but they broke up rather angrily. He’s been trying to put it behind him. He’s never needed to explain before but its rather once bitten, twice shy. It wasn’t Siobhán. But it’s no secret she and Tim have been going through a bad patch. That’s no excuse though. She hopes she and Greg can stay friends.
  • Brian has heard that Roy thumped Scott as well. Jennifer realises that must be how he hurt his hand. Brian still hasn’t had any luck with the contract work and having Lillian around doesn’t help. Jennifer can’t let her go back to Grey Gables or all her good intentions will go to pot. Lillian has put on 2lb. There’s no point going through all the pain just to get fatter. Jennifer will see her through!

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