Janet recruits the doctor for a dunking.

Radio Times: Dunk the doctor?

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  • Usha has called to commiserate with Ruth about their lack of success in the talent competition. David is not qualified to contribute to this conversation: he did not even enter! He is putting on his chef’s hat for a meeting with Jean-Paul; Ruth has other jobs but might join him later. Usha is heading for a meeting with Janet; “dunk the vicar etc.” is proving something of a trial because the equipment has gone missing and will need to be rebuilt.
  • Caroline is sure that David will get on fine with Jean-Paul; she has other problems to resolve. Luigi and Mr W are smarting from not winning the talent competition, not to mention Sid’s plans to show the documentary at The Bull.
  • Dunk the teacher, vicar, vet and solicitor – in that order it is decided. Janet needs to get away but can manage the second spot. As Usha leaves, Tim offers Janet a cup of tea; he will bring it through.
  • By the time that Ruth and Caroline catch up with him, David has had a successful morning. Jean-Paul likes several of the ideas they put to him and, with a little fine tuning, they will work very well. Ruth and Caroline are impressed by the samples he has prepared, although Jean-Paul would be less than impressed by the sight of David drinking French wine with spicy food. The only snag is that these recipes are not suitable for the planned barbecue at Home Farm at which the Hassett Hills brand will be launched. No problem. Bring them back to Grey Gables. Caroline suggests widening the guest list by incuding business contacts and the press. They will discuss it with Debbie. Meanwhile Caroline’s latest crisis is a request by most of the staff to have the night off to see the documentary when it is shown at The Bull.
  • In return for the tea, Tim seems in need of counselling. He feels that Siobhán shows him up, throwing herself as she does into village activities. Janet has the answer – dunk the doc! He is the only village professional who has not volunteered. Alright, if she is doing it, he will.

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