Bert wins the talent contest and Greg rejects (after a little fight) Siobhán’s advances.

Radio Times: Siobhán weighs up the talent.

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  • Jack practices some of his gag’s at the bird pens and Greg has the perfect excuse not to have to help with honing the punch line – as a judge for tonight’s talent contest, it wouldn’t be ethical. As a fellow judge, Siobhán, wanders through taking advantage of the newly re-opened paths. She reveals that the Bull is planning on showing the documentary, which is not making Jack feel happy!
  • Bert’s baiting Joe over some of “his” stories for his radio show, but their squabbling is interrupted by Hayley wandering past and admitting that Roy was responsible for the shiners that Scott is currently sporting and that she is strangely proud of him.
  • At the talent contest Dross put up a stirling performance, but while Ed’s grandad lobbies hard, Bert’s offering wins the day.
  • On their way home Siobhán, rather the worse for wear, launches herself at Greg and after a brief smooch, he pushes away her advances.