Ed’s not sure about the joy-riding … and Roy gives Scott more than a piece of his mind.

Radio Times: Roy swings into action.

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  • Hayley is practising for the talent contest. Roy thinks she’s great but she isn’t so sure. They are still finding Scott’s dirty socks around the place. Roy’s going to put the rest of the stuff including the porn magazines out with the rubbish. Hayley’s been having an interesting time at work. Elizabeth has sacked the caterers without even telling Beverley. Beverley is beginning to wonder why she’s there. Elizabeth is also keen on getting more activities for children following some suggestions from Hayley.
  • Ed is telling Jazzer William saw him in the stolen car. Ed isn’t worried William would tell the police but does think he will tell Clarrie even though he pretends he doesn’t care. Eddie is trying to get them to work for him on the cheap but they aren’t going along with that.
  • Eddie is delivering compost to Nightingale from when Scott turns up. Eddie is disgusted with what he did to Brenda.
  • Fallon hasn’t turned up to band practice. She is still upset that they were spotted by William. Ed thinks Fallon is still up for nicking cars as long as they stay clear of Ambridge. Roy and Hayley are checking out the competition while having a celebratory drink at the Bull. The rumours about Greg and Siobhan have even got to Ed.
  • Eddie arrives at the Bull to tell the news of Scott at Nightingale Farm. After finding his stuff by the bins, he asks if he can stay for a pizza. Roy is furious. Scott says that Brenda was not a kid. As far as he knew he could have been seeing someone else. Roy demands an apology and when one isn’t forthcoming, thumps him. Seems like the last they’ll be seeing of Scott.

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