Ed’s keeping out of William’s way (for a while at least) and Debbie’s not having much luck replacing the estate work

Radio Times: Lilian turns over a new leaf.

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  • Greg is surprised at how popular he has become with the entrants to the talent contest including Ed. But William hasn’t seen Ed who seems to have been keeping out of his way. Ed will regret it when William catches up with him.
  • Brian’s harvest seems to be doing quite well but he’s glad of a few minutes free of Lillian – even if she has drunk all of his whisky. He’s fed up with having her draped around his living room. But Lillian’s been shopping and has replaced the whisky. She seems quite pleased with herself now Brenda’s been dumped.
  • William tries to take Ed to task over the joyriding but he’s not listening
  • Debbie isn’t having any luck with the contracting work. There’s not a lot of work out there at the moment. Debbie is still feeling guilty but Brian says it was the right decision at the time. Lillian’s bought a new leotard. She’s starting on a keep fit regime at Grey Gables. She’s even cutting down on the booze.
  • William finally catches up with Ed. Ed admits he was driving the car. Ed thinks at least he’s got a life which is more than William has. But Ed has no exams, no job. Life is not a game – he’s only got one chance. The way he’s going he’s going to end up like Eddie living from scam to scam. If William finds him doing it again, he’s going to tell Clarrie.

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