Brenda is still hurting.

Radio Times: The escape committee is foiled.

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  • Debbie is feeling bad about the Borchester Land Board’s decision. Ruth can only offer the prospect of the Brookfield arable work to cheer her up. They must both get on but need to find time soon to talk about recipe ideas to put to Jean-Paul.
  • At Willow Farm Brenda is off her food. She is not to be diverted by tales of Ginger the escapologist hen (apparently Neil has now spotted her escape route) or by the new printed egg boxes. Her father returns and, typically, opens mouth before switching on brain; so the wound is reopened.
  • Debbie calls at Brookfield to discuss recipes and, between them, she and Ruth have collected a respectably sized list.
  • Brenda wonders whether Roy has heard from Scott, perhaps to give a forwarding address. Roy does his best to soothe but it is difficult to disguise that, deep down, he thinks it is for the best. Having mended Ginger’s fence, Mike tries at mending one with his daughter; however, announcing that he would like to thump Scott if he sees him again does not quite hit the spot.

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