Scott breaks it off with a distraught Brenda

Radio Times: Scott plays a part.

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  • The egg collecting is going well but Ginger is still getting out. Neil will have to find the gap. Mike has got four knew orders for the eggs. Scott is back from London but Betty is worried she might take Brenda next time.
  • Brenda has got more flat details but Scott isn’t interested. He is leaving and going back to London. He’s got a part in a TV series and he knows Brenda won’t want to stand in his way. She says she will visit at weekends but Scott says it’s over. She must have noticed things were going wrong. He didn’t mean to hurt her. They have had some fun but its time to move on. Brenda thought he loved her but Scott says he will forget her. He’s not going back to Lillian. Brenda tries to wish him well but bursts into tears when he leaves.
  • Mike and Betty have had a good time with Phoebe and Mike is looking forward to the arm wrestling at the fete. Brenda comes back looking terrible. She tells them Scott has gone – said it was time to move on. Mike is furious and wants to go after him but Brenda won’t let him. Brenda thought they really had something going. She thought he loved her. She won’t be moving out of Willow Farm now. Whatever happens she will always have her family around her. Brenda knows but that doesn’t stop the tears.

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