Alistair bares his soul to Philip and Brian is put to the test by Ruth

Radio Times: Pat makes a new acquaintance

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  • Jill comes to the stables in search of Shula, but finds only Alistair. She thinks Shula is avoiding her. Alistair knows how she feels; Shula seems to have no desire whatsoever to listen to his side of things. Jill can only advise him not to stop trying. Philip arrives to drop off some materials prior to starting work on a crumbling stable wall later in the week. He asks Alistair to pass on a message, but Alistair suggests he ring her himself – and explains why. Philip suggests a drink to talk things over later, and Alistair quickly agrees.
  • A very defensive Brian does battle with Ruth again. he paints a somewhat imaginative picture of the dumping scenario – he had completely forgotten about the Brantford brothers until Ruth mentioned them – it was decades ago- the pond was always a dump and so on. Ruth is having none of it. Brian must put the partners in the picture. Brian flails furiously, but Ruth stands her ground. Withholding vital information is unacceptable. Brian begs her ‘for Ruairidh’s sake’ to keep things quiet. If the truth is known Brian could face bankruptcy, and what would that do to Ruairidh?
  • Pat returns from The Elms to find Tony helping Helen set up for tomorrow’s cheese making class. (Helping appears to mean doing it himself.) Pat has met Olwen, one of the clients at The Elms, who, it turns out, was a CND activist and remembers Pat from decades ago – and her friend Rose. Tony is alarmed. He once feared that this friendship would spell the end of his marriage. He need not be alarmed. As well as ‘helping’ Helen he will be needed to look after Jack all day and escort the cheesemakers to lunch. How could Pat do without him?
  • Alistair tells all to a sympathetic Philip. It’s good to talk to someone who is not an Archer, he says wistfully. Philip suggests talking to Jim, but Alistair quickly rules that out. How will he deal with life without Shula?
  • Jill is distressed about Shula too, and tells Ruth she feels that yet again she has reacted badly. She should have realised how unhappy Shula was.

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