Alan is shocked at Shula’s news. Brian realises that his options are ever fewer.

Radio Times: Brian is put on the spot. Shula’s mind is made up

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  • Over breakfast, Brian and Jennifer discuss Ruth’s visit. Jennifer is wound up about Brian’s insistence on covering up the facts, certain that Ruth will eventually find out the truth. Brian bravely declares that even if Ruth does discover a link it won’t necessarily point the finger of blame at him. This fails to convince Jennifer, who insists that Brian tell Ruth the truth. No, says Brian; she will then tell David and Adam. Jennifer suggests that Brain should come to church with her to pray for guidance. The suggestion is not well received.
  • Spotting Clarrie as they both head for church, Lynda offers the usual cliches of condolence, but Clarrie changes the subject to Easter guests. The ploy works well, and Lynda rabbits on about guests who expect to be entertained when she wants to read The Silmarrilion. Clarrie comments that her boys loved the Tolkien films. They were quicker than reading the books. That stops Lynda’s literary showing off.
  • Shula arrives with Benjamin the donkey for the Palm Sunday service. She appears top be avoiding Jill, and Alan is quick to sense that all is not well. Luckily he is diverted by the arrival of Clarrie, who comments that it was at church each week that she really got to know Nic. She thanks Alan for the funeral service, and adds that William has really turned a corner since then.
  • After the service Alan asks Jennifer how the clean-up is going, and she manages to stall further enquiries with the statement that the contractors are still trying to establish the extent of the contamination, and rushes off, leaving Alan to ask Shula again if all is well. She has to tell him about the state of her marriage, and Alan is shocked but supportive. Shula is welcome to talk at any time… No, she declares. I’ve just had enough and I really don’t want to talk about it.
  • When Jennifer returns, Brian has had a call from Justin to say that Andrew Eagleton has heard about the Price Baumann pull-out, and fears for BL’s reputation. Angrily, Brian suggests that Martin Gibson will use this in an attempt to seize the Chair from Brian. he will call a partnership meeting. Will Ruth be invited asks Jennifer? Brian really should be straight with her. Brian thinks she will use the information to shop him to the Environment Agency. What was he thinking of when he asked Ruth to be Ruairidh’s representative? Jennifer insists he come clean with Ruth. Grudgingly Brian agrees. What choice does he have?

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