Ruth tells Brian about the Branfords. If she works out what has really gone on they could lose everything.

Radio Times: Brian’s nightmare continues

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  • Jennifer, with her mouth full, tries to tell Brian about Lexi’s menstrual cycle but Brian really doesn’t want to know. She has forgiven Alice but it was very embarassing. Brian thinks she has learned her lesson.
  • Ruth has had to call Alistair to one of the cows. Jill wonders how he is getting on. It can’t be easy. Alistair talks to Jill. He hadn’t realised that Shula was so unhappy. She doesn’t seem to care about him at all. Jill tries to persuade him not to give up. They have to regain each other’s trust. It won’t be easy but she is sure this isn’t the end.
  • Will is glad he and Poppy went to the funeral. At least Poppy wasn’t around when Alice opened her mouth. He doesn’t care about her, she’s a stupid cow. He needs to think about what he has to do and that is get Poppy back to nursery, and he will go and see Brian.
  • Brian is fine about Will starting back. It won’t be full time but Pete will cover when he can’t. Jennifer apologises for the way Alice behaved at the funeral. It was a beautiful service and he did Nic proud. Ruth arrives to visit Brian. First she is worried about the decision to build shops at the market. Brian admits they had to go for the option that will make the most profit. Ruth insists she needs to be there when Brian updates Ruairidh on what is happening. Brian gets cross again and Ruth says she won’t back down in protecting his interests. Ruth says she hadn’t realised how common dumping was in those days. She mentions that Bert had mentioned the Branfords. She suggests Brian tries to track them down but he is very reluctant. It probably wasn’t them anyway.
  • Will tells Clarrie he wants Jake and Mia back after Easter. He misses them. Clarrie tells him he is doing so well and they talk about meeting with Bev and Nic’s family again. Clarrie is so proud of him. He’s doing all the right things. Will says that without Clarrie he would have given up. He couldn’t do it without her.
  • Brian tells Jennifer that Ruth is onto something over the Branfords. He told her he hadn’t heard of them but what if she investigates herself? She could go to the Environment Agency. The insurance could be null and void. If Ruth really finds out what was going on, they really could lose everything.

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