Bert admits he knows something about people dumping stuff in the 70s.

Radio Times: Ruth hears some interesting news

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  • Ruth and Pip are working on the farm. Pip is a bit tired but she doesn’t think it is pregnancy related. She is more shocked about Shula and Alistair but Ruth warns her not to mention it to anyone. Bert joins the crew and Ruth asks a favour. He is dragged in to help with moving cows and then Pip gets her first kick. Ruth feels it too and then Pip overreacts when she thinks Bert is going to touch her.
  • Susan tries to talk about the funeral and how lovely it was but Clarrie doesn’t want to. She’s not much interested in Susan’s chatter about kefir or cheese courses. Helen demands coffee for her course earlier than needed and there are only 4 people. Clarrie doesn’t care. They just need to get on with it.
  • Susan tries again to chatter about Rex taking over Neil’s pigs but Clarrie is still pretty lacking in interest. If it was Toby then Neil wouldn’t have a problem but he might be able to train Rex. Clarrie comments that Susan and Neil will now be in clover. It is a pity that some people i. e. Alice don’t understand how hard it is for others. Helen appears to thank them for their help on the cheese making course and to say they want some help on the cheese making process. Susan suggests Clarrie as the best person to demonstrate and it seems to go well. Susan mentions that they will need more people and more money if it is to be a success. Clarrie wonders what the point is. And she criticises Susan for complaining. She must owe a fortune to the Lent appeal. Susan apologises and admits she was very shocked by Alice’s behaviour. They agree she was drunk. Clarrie says she doesn’t seem to think about other people’s feelings at all. She is not sure she will ever be able to forgive her.
  • Bert and Ruth talk about the contamination. Joe reckons it could go on for years. Bert asks what Brian has said. Ruth tells him that Brian says it was dumped in the 70s but that he had no idea toxic chemicals were involved. Bert tells Ruth that Phil had been approached by the Branfords to let them dump waste but he’d said no. He was far too honest. They were a very dodgy pair. So much dumping was going on then no one thought anything of it but now it has come back to haunt them all.

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