Alistair cannot offer the police any explanation for discrepancies in his practice’s drug records; partner Theo is away.

Radio Times: Unexpected visitors at the Stables.

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  • The Lloyd family are surprised at breakfast time by a phone call from the drug company and a house call from the Police. There appears to be a discrepancy in the supply of Ketamine from the former when compared with invoices and stocks at the practice. Alistair’s company is requested at the Police Station, and their home is to be searched.
  • Ed and Fallon are hitching to the hospital. They still reckon that for them nothing else counts except what’s happened to Jazzer.
  • Pressured by the police officer, Alistair cannot offer any explanation as to why the drug company’s records of supply do not match those of receipt by the practice. Only he and Theo are jointly responsible for checking the drugs in after delivery and they are then locked away securely until needed. Theo is away for a few days so the Police haven’t managed to reach him, but Alistair supplies a contact number. The investigation is still in the very early stages, says the officer in response to Alistair’s question, so whether or not charges will be pressed, remains to be seen.
  • Brian uses Jenny as an excuse for not being able to visit Siobhán last night. She doesn’t want to hear about Jenny though, just wants him there with her – and rather more than just now and then. (Wake up and smell the coffee, Siobhán, or is it (coffee) still making you sick?) He chips in with a promise to pay for her lawyer when she shows him the divorce papers (in which he is not named), then when she yet again questions his financial motives, offers to take her shopping to cheer her up! (Can you believe it? Why isn’t he making her sick yet??)
  • Jazzer’s Mum has stopped Ed and Fallon seeing him and Stu (who?) won’t speak to them. Fallon tries to convince Ed that this is probably the end of Dross as Jazzer is so sick, probably dying – Ed thinks she is sick for saying it. Fallon says he just doesn’t get it.
  • The shopping spree doesn’t end up with a three-bedroomed apartment with balcony and view as Siobhán would like for her and Brian, but he does offer to buy her a matching necklace and earrings.
  • Shula is especially upset about the way Daniel’s room and possessions were picked over by the Police. She is not reassured by Alistair’s saying that they were only being very thorough. He is apologetic for having brought all this upon them – but neither of them can believe that he has done anything wrong, even though the Police seem so suspicious. There’s nothing to connect Jazzer with the missing drugs and invoices, and he couldn’t have stolen them while at rehearsal. Alistair is scared not knowing what will happen next – as if everything is out of his control. Shula is scared too – they neither can understand why it is such a terrible mix-up that makes no sense at all.

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