Jazzer shows signs of improvement but has a long way to go yet.

Radio Times: A bedside vigil.

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  • Would Jill really be happy if she were not worrying about someone? Probably not. At present she has her twins to worry about. Kenton is estranged from Mel (and daughter Meriel, one today) in strange circumstances, all the stranger for his current pursuit of Jessica, the Lower Loxley bird-woman; Shula has every prospect of being estranged from Alistair in even stranger circumstances if the police believe him to be a drugs baron.
  • Jazzer is apparently awake but is not responding; Ed finds it difficult to talk to him without getting an answer but a mention of the World Cup seems to induce eye movement.
  • Things are looking up at Lower Loxley, with the prospect of lots of visitors over the Jubilee Bank Holiday. Siobhán has phoned to say that the morning sickness seems to be over but she is still not giving away the identity of her ‘man’. Nigel and Elizabeth try a few unlikely suggestions, finishing up with Simon, Debbie’s husband, who has the reputation but they conclude is far too old. Boy, are they going to get a surprise when it all comes out!
  • At Brookfield a spot of rain will not interfere with silage plans. Ruth and Jill, discussing the Jubilee celebrations, decide that it will be alright for Jill to send Meriel’s Jubilee coins to Mel; she has bought them for all her grandchildren. Phil will light the beacon and so will be a leading light (!) in these celebrations just as Dan and Doris were 25 years ago.
  • Fallon and Ed come away from the hospital with mixed feelings. It was strange to see Jazzer, there but not there. Ed expects him to be talking by tomorrow, Fallon is not so sure.

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