It shouldn’t happen to a vet but it has: Alistair and his partner Theo are both arrested and bailed.

Radio Times: An arrest is made.

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  • Shula, worried sick about the drug charges which seem to be facing her husband, has to put up with Jennifer wittering on about how Brian can still surprise her after 26 years (and how!). She has hid the worst of it from Daniel and maybe it will all be over by Thursday when they are due to take him to see All the Queen’s Horses. Maybe not: a phone call from Alistair announces that he has been arrested.
  • Jazzer is today capable of a few words and, although still festooned with tubes, appreciates a careful hug from Fallon. He doesn’t really seem to know what happened but the police are going to want to know.
  • At the police station Alistair faces the evidence. His practice has lately been supplied with double their normal quantity of Ketamine but there is no record of the extra bottles being received and he has no idea where they have gone.
  • Jazzer has already been asked by the police where he got the drug but he doesn’t know. The police kept asking about rehearsals, something to do with Alistair; the Ketamine didn’t come from him but he can’t remember where. Fallon cannot contain her anger that he took the stuff and having upset both Jazzer and herself beats a hasty retreat.
  • Surely as the senior partner, it is Alistair’s job to know about drugs used in the practice; he should have know that some had gone astray. It has not yet been decided whether to charge him.
  • Shula gets another phone call from Alistair, this time to say that he has been released on bail and is on his way home. He called in at the surgery and discovered that Theo had been similarly treated; he is raging about it. Alistair is worried about upsetting Daniel. Since the police might want him at any time, he had better not go on Thursday; perhaps Caroline would go instead. They had planned to have dinner with Tim and Janet on Friday but maybe it would be good to talk to them about the matter. His lawyer was very helpful, insisting that Jazzer’s drug taking and the missing Ketamine were separate cases until proven otherwise. Alistair is determined that this will not destroy everything he has worked for.

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