Sid agrees to re-open The Bull Upstairs.

Radio Times: Zero tolerance from Sid.

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  • Eddie and Tom are about to start work on the Brookfield silage, at a very civilised hour, but for the moment they can only wait for David. It is an opportunity for Tom to report on Helen’s improved mood and her resolve to try cheese-making again, this time with the help of Ann Baxter. Debbie turns up to seek David’s approval before accepting an order for six additional lambs per week from one of their big customers. Fortunately her journey is not wasted, although in these days of mobile phones, one wonders why she made it at all.
  • Jolene needs a decision from Sid about The Bull Upstairs; she wants to re-open as before but with extra precautions. Drugs will be clearly off-limits. Sid eventually agrees but on the understanding that Jazzer is never to come through his doors again, so that means no more Dross; Fallon won’t like it but it’s that or nothing.
  • Debbie and Brian have had the same idea about the bio-mass crop: include it in the shoot. It is too expensive to grub it up and there is no demand locally for the fuel. That’s settled then but Brian must dash – to a ‘meeting’ in Felpersham with a very long agenda!
  • Sid has deployed all his artistic talent to create a “no tolerance zone for drugs” poster and all the staff will be briefed on what to look for.
  • Wouldn’t you think that, when taking his mistress for a posh lunch, Brian would have the sense to switch off his mobile? In front of Siobhán, he has to talk to his wife about party guests – without explaining that it is his wedding anniversary party. The lunch was a success but now Siobhán seeks a more private place to satisfy another hunger.

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