Plenty of gossip on the Green but not much else. Bert is on the mend.

Radio Times: Joe puts the cart before the horse.

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  • Ruth and Ben are out to see the world, which gives Clarrie the chance to ogle at the sleeping baby. Its also a chance to catch up on news. Jason the builder has started on the toilets; can he fix it, yes he can. The fund-raising is still well short of the target. Lynda is fighting a new crusade to get river defences improved: her insurance premiums have gone through the roof. Clarrie hasn’t a clue what to look out for when The Bull Upstairs re-opens tomorrow.
  • Joe has called at the Stables to ask Shula for the old trap in the corner of the yard. It was her grandmother’s but she doesn’t want it. Joe remembers Doris riding round the village behind a lovely little pony – until she had a near miss with a car.
  • Back on the Green, Ruth wonders if Clarrie can explain the rude gnome, with its trousers down, left outside their door. A present from Eddie? That would be out of character.
  • At Brookfield Eddie has finished for the day but before he goes, David asks about that gnome. The kids were amused and Pip wants to give it to her grandfather, Solly, a toilet-paper manufacturer! Eddie had left it by mistake en route to a customer but it is theirs for a mere £10. Eddie gets a call on his mobile with instructions from Joe to go to the Stables and tow the trap home. Ruth returns to share the news she has picked up: Bert will be back next week and can’t wait (nor can David!), Jill is pretty angry over Tim leaving and the surgery closing.
  • Ruth calls on Shula to see how she is bearing up. Kenton is apparently happier for having spoken to Mel and Meriel. Shula seems to be coping but cannot concentrate on anything. There must be an explanation they have all missed so far; Alistair has always been so careful and trusts Theo to be careful too.

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