A sensational story in The Echo is unwelcome publicity for Alistair.

Radio Times: Alistair makes front page news.

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  • It is the day of Daniel’s big treat, a visit “All the Queens Horses”. Alistair’s place is taken by Caroline who had picked up a copy of The Echo on the way; it contains an article about the drugs case and, although it does not actually name Alistair, it is clear enough to be a threat to the reputation of the practice. Daniel has been told, so he is prepared for what other might say to him at school tomorrow. Maybe when Jazzer recovers he can put things right.
  • Jill is waiting to see Tim and Chris is keeping her company, which is handy or she would be talking to herself. Both are incensed about the sensational article in The Echo and consider tackling Jack about it. There is a meeting of the WI tonight about the Jubilee street party and Chris is worried that they will have to cross their legs: the old loos have gone, the new ones have not yet arrived.
  • When Tim emerges Jill launches her attack: has he thought through the consequences for others of his decision to leave? Yes he has. He has to sell the surgery privately because that is how he bought it but the decision not to install another doctor is not his; single doctor practices are not considered cost effective and doctors should not work in isolation. She will have to take it up with the Health Authority.
  • After that, Tim needs a drink and he suspects that Alistair will too in the light of the newspaper coverage. On the floor above, The Bull Upstairs is busy but Fallon is reluctant to do her bit and check that all is drug-free. She fears that Dross will now have nowhere to perform and nowhere to practise. Jolene commends her resolve to stand by Dross; she is a better friend than they deserve.
  • Daniel’s treat was a big hit and he is going to tell Dad everything that happened; it was the best day of his life! (That’s good, tomorrow is likely to be more testing.)

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