Alistair’s partner is arrested for supplying drugs; what damage will the practice sustain?

Radio Times: Vets in custody.

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  • Susan is being barely civil to Tim and wishing her a good weekend is not well received. Janet arrives in time to notice the frostiness but assures him that it is not his fault. He reveals that even Jill Archer has had a go at him. However, this evening they have dinner at the Stables to look forward to; in that company they do not need to pretend and they both agree to make straight for the sofa.
  • Meanwhile at the Stables, Neil has taken Emma to talk about her working there occasionally in return for lessons. He hopes it will help to rebuild her confidence. The conversation moves on to bell ringing but is interrupted by Shula’s mobile. Alistair reports a dreadful day; the police have taken Theo in again and charged him. There is new evidence, of which more later.
  • Siobhán is a beautiful woman and deserves beautiful presents, so says Brian having just given her one – a present that is. They talk of farming matters, of silage and of spraying, and of this week’s translation work. Since supper is a good half hour away, a cuddle on the sofa beckons.
  • Susan and Neil also exchange news of the day but Susan really wants to pour out her frustration and disappointment. Tim has told her how much redundancy money to expect; she knew anyway but hearing it underlines how little it is. If only she had trained as a practice manager; if only Tim and Siobhán had not split up.
  • The new evidence is that Theo has been taking cocaine; a drug dealer gave his name to the police. His wife Katherine knew that he was an ‘occasional’ user but he has concealed the full extent of his dependency and Alistair was fooled too; he has held down a good job. The assumption is that the stolen Ketamine funded his own habit. Alistair wants to get rid of him as soon as possible, although he has to wait for a conviction or until he pleads guilty. The damage may well already have been done by the Echo article and Alistair fears the practice will suffer by association.

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