Brian and Siobhán plan a night away.

Radio Times: Skeletons tumble out of the closet.

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  • Siobhán is making up for lost time by tucking into the ginger cake (and talking with her mouth full I might add). She’s certainly on much better form. Elizabeth hopes everything turns out well for her because she deserves it. Just why may I ask?
  • Alistair has to call at Home Farm to treat a deer. Seems remarkably chatty given they are barely speaking. Alistair is still very shocked that Theo has been rearrested. He’s going to dissolve the partnership as soon as possible.
  • Shula is very angry with Elizabeth about the gossip. Even the press are asking questions. At least Jamie is prepared to play with Daniel again.
  • Jolene is planning a country and western wedding dress. She also has suddenly decided that Shula and Alistair count as “close friends” for the registry office service.
  • Brian has invited Siobhán to join him for a night in London. For once, she seems to be lost for words.
  • Alistair has now found out that Theo has been cheating the practice to fund his habit by ordering ketamine and swapping it with his dealer for cocaine. His dealer must have been leaning on him. He can’t have been doing it for long. He must have been hoping to pay the invoices before anyone noticed but now it looks like a prison sentence. People will think it looks as if Alistair is involved.

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