Jazzer faces a brain-damaged future.

Radio Times: The future looks bleak for Jazzer.

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  • Jazzer seems to be getting a bit better. Seems to be rather confused though. Can’t seem to remember words or times. Ed notices the odd things he says – cheese and vinegar crisps and repeating questions about the song Ed has already finished.
  • Oliver is working on the barn decorations for the barn dance. Caroline is shocked at Theo’s behaviour. How could anyone do that? Oliver is worried about his dance steps. He’ll need some help from Caroline.
  • Eddie is still working on the ferret racing. Mrs Noah has got her time down to 39 seconds. He’s now going to offer all comers the chance to race against her. No one will be daft enough to take him up …
  • Fallon is pleased to hear Jazzer is sitting up. She is surprised to hear he is still confused. She thought he was over that.
  • Eddie now thinks that ferret racing might be the key to successful ticket sales for the barn dance. Oliver thinks it’s a good idea but Caroline isn’t so sure. He can do it for 15% of the profits.
  • Jazzer is pretty depressed. The doctors have told him he is doing very well given the circumstances. But the confusion he’s having, the forgotten dates, the questions he needs to keep asking – well they point to brain damage. And despite everything Fallon says to comfort him, it’s likely to be permanent.

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