The birth of a rumour perhaps: Lizzie thinks Greg might be Siobhán’s unnamed lover.

Radio Times: Lizzie thinks she’s solved the mystery.

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  • Helen thinks she may have finally solved the cheese problem thanks to Ann Baxter. She’s straight into making another batch.
  • Kenton’s done a disappearing act when he should be helping Nigel. It means the falconry display isn’t going too well. Nigel would rather he went off and caused chaos at Brookfield.
  • David’s still having trouble keeping up even though Bert’s back. They don’t want him going off sick again. The fleeces he’s wrapping aren’t worth much though. Jill has heard that Jazzer might have permanent brain damage. It’s all Theo’s fault.
  • Jill’s been trying to make the Health Authority see sense over the Doctor’s surgery but no joy. It looks like the patients will be split between Borchester and Hollerton.
  • Seems like there is botrytis on the rape. Quite a lot. David hadn’t seen anything but he’s been leaving all that to Debbie.
  • Greg rather enjoyed himself at the falconry display despite the chaos. He looks so much better when he smiles. Lizzie remembers – he always was rather close to Siobhán wasn’t he …

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