Brian and Siobhán’s cosy dinner is interrupted by Matt Crawford.

Radio Times: A close shave for Brian.

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  • Brian and Siobhán are off for their dirty night away. Siobhán is rather nervous they’ll be discovered but Brian is very blasé.
  • Jill’s been getting the christening robe ready for Ben. Ruth is going to put it somewhere safe (so that’s the end of that then!). Jill is still battling on with the surgery and wants to find out what support there will be. Susan will find it very hard to get another job locally. She might even have to commute as far as Felpersham!
  • The botrytis on the crop is very bad. David will have to take it up with Debbie – she took a gamble and lost. But it’s nothing like as bad as Alistair’s problems.
  • Matt now wants Brian to lead the campaign for the new development. Matt has made a lot of compromises but there are bound to be some die-hards.
  • Shula is still shocked at Theo’s behaviour. Jill wishes there was more she could do to help. And now to hear the terrible news about Jazzer. They are bound to assume the drugs came from Alistair’s practice which is obviously the most important worry! Alistair is determined to tell everyone it was nothing to do with him.
  • Siobhán has had a great time in London but she wishes there might have been more chances – not likely to be many more options now Matt has caught them out. Not quite what Matt was thinking of when Brian said he was meeting old friends. Quite a coincidence that Brian should be out with his “translator” when Matt was meeting “Cindy” his “accountant”.

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