Eddie’s ferret racing turns out to be rather unprofitable when Mike produces a challenger.

Radio Times: Tough competition for Mrs Noah.

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  • The Echo is covering the demise of Theo but Roy and Hayley are more interested in the property pages. Mrs Antrobus is getting on. They could be left without anywhere. There’s not much going though. A two bed terrace in Penny Hassett is on the market but it needs total renovation. They’ll get the asking price no problem from one of those wretched commuters.
  • Debbie wants Mike to take on some work on the bio mass to make it suitable for shooting but he’s not keen. He’s got enough on at the moment. He’ll think about it.
  • Plans are on hand for the barn dance – the dancing and the ferrets. Betty and Mike are enjoying themselves with large noisily consumed drinks appearing as if by magic. Mike is up to something though. He made a mysterious trip to Lower Loxley and now keeps popping out to his van.
  • Caroline tells Roy that the new housing development will now have 18 large houses and 6 low cost properties. It’s not much but they should put their names down.
  • Eddie still seems to be doing pretty well with his ferret racing but Mrs Noah always seems to be doing pretty well. Its probably a fix. Mike suddenly produces Nipper from his bag and bets Eddie all his winnings – £50 against him. And Nipper wins!

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