Alistair contemplates moving his practice to the Stables and managing without a partner.

Radio Times: Alistair looks to the future.

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  • Jazzer’s out of hospital. But that doesn’t make everything alright. He’ll still need treatment like physiotherapy. He’s pretty depressed about it all.
  • Janet didn’t get the job in Plymouth. She really wanted it too. Tim thinks she shouldn’t give up – she’ll find the right job in the end.
  • Alistair is weighing up his options for the practice. He could look for another partner or maybe go it alone. But whatever he does it’s going to be an upheaval and it’s going to cost too.
  • Ed and Fallon try to cheer Jazzer up but he’s very down. Maybe they can start practising again soon. Oliver might let them use the barn now they’ve cleaned it out. But his memory is still not back. It comes home to Ed that he’d taken the same stuff too. It could have happened to him.
  • Bellringing practise is going quite well. They should be ready in time. Shula commiserates with Janet and she says she’s not giving up. There are plenty more jobs out there.
  • Alistair thinks now might be the time to move the practice to the Stables. The lease is up in the Autumn (like he wouldn’t have thought of that before!) but at least patients would still know where to come. He’ll have to cost it. At least it would mean a clean break from Theo.

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