Alistair decides to give up the cricket club captaincy. Jim is trying to dig into Shula’s past.

Radio Times: Usha decides to camp it up.

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  • Shula is trying to convince Alistair she didn’t really persuade Nigel to hit him with the wet sponge. He took it in good part – maybe they should be nicer to him. Jim is fascinated to extract the fact that Shula going to the Cathedral is now a regular thing. Alistair is still getting frustrated that Jim won’t choose a car – he wants an MG now and wants Tony to help.
  • Usha breaks the news to Ruth that Alan wants her to go camping. Ruth just falls about laughing at the very idea. Usha doesn’t want to put him off. He really wants to pay for the holiday and so she can’t really wave her credit card around – even though his equipment is a bit out of date. Ruth recommends buying some wet weather gear!
  • Jim visits Alan at the Vicarage and tries to extract information out of Alan about it – and about the statue of Shiva he has noticed. Very open minded of Alan says Jim. But he thinks there is more too it and invites Joe out for a drink.
  • Alistair is a bit fed up. Adam has been implying that he wants to Captain the cricket team again and Alistair thinks it mightn’t be such a bad idea. Something has got to give. He can’t keep up with everything including Jim. He’ll still play but at least there won’t be the same pressure.

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