Brenda is dreading the wedding and is even thinking of not going.

Radio Times: Brenda gets the wedding blues.

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  • Brenda is very depressed about the wedding and she can’t find a verse to read. Tom tries to convince her it will be worth it to give her a nice day. Meanwhile Adam turns up to say he is the new cricket Captain and he is going to stop all this dossing around at nets.
  • The fete has received a record amount of money – a lot due to Elizabeth and the additional publicity she brought on board. So Lynda’s new project is a cot blanket in llama wool for Coriander. Elizabeth is still not sleeping but Lynda suggests she should drop her an e-mail next time she is awake.
  • Vicki tries to persuade Brenda to join her for a bridal pamper session. Brenda resists and won’t even comment on the proposed hair do – and when it comes to the suggestion of glitter. But Vicki is so excited about the whole thing. Mike is such a lovely man and she gets a ready made family too.
  • When Tom gets back from nets he finds Brenda in tears. She can’t bear losing her Dad, Vicki is taking over everything and Brenda just doesn’t like her. She can’t be happy for Mike, she doesn’t even think she can go to the wedding but Tom persuades her she must, whatever she thinks.

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