Alistair finds it hard to forgive himself. Nic finds it hard to make a decision.

Radio Times: Alistair and Shula deal with the fallout.

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  • Shula calls at Ambridge Organics to buy a present and some bruise liniment for her wonderful brother, though she’s cagy when Helen asks what he’s done to deserve it. As she leaves, Nic arrives, wanting Helen’s advice. She tells her that Will’s returning to Ambridge on Sunday, and that he wants her to move in with him again, but she’s still not sure. The isolation and the need to get Jake to school might prove too difficult. Helen listens, but tells Nic that it’s her decision; no-one can make it for her.
  • Alistair calls on Maurice to talk about Ryan. He’s full of remorse but Maurice tells him not to be too hard on himself. The worst thing for Alistair is that he gave Ryan a reference; now he’ll have to contact the employer and tell him that he was misled. Maurice reminds Alistair that although Ryan is sick, they all have the same illness; it’s just that they’re at different stages.
  • Pat’s pleased with the repairs Eddie has made to the drains, though Helen thinks they should look at a reedbed system eventually. Nic rings Clarrie to suggest that they go and clean Casa Nueva for Will’s return. Clarrie is somewhat taken aback; she hasn’t heard the news, but quickly agrees.
  • At home, Alistair is full of apologies, but Shula is uncharacteristically nice about it all. She even tells him that she loves him for trying. Meanwhile Ryan is in custody and Kenton is nursing severe bruising from the kicking he took.

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