Roy and Hayley make a move to Ambridge. Tom makes a move towards healing a division. Hannah decides to move on.

Radio Times: Tom builds bridges at Bridge Farm.

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  • Roy and Hayley are moving into their new home at Willow Farm. They’re delighted, but Phoebe will miss Lower Loxley.
  • David’s worn out from lambing, and comes in for a coffee while Pip does a stint in the shed. Despite Ben and Josh squabbling, he falls asleep.
  • Hannah is busy with the pigs when Tom appears. He tries to make conversation, but gets short shrift from Hannah. Nevertheless, she’s willing to cover for Jazzer while he covers for Mike who is covering for Peter on the shoot …
  • David’s cross with himself for falling asleep, but he and Ruth are looking forward to letting the cows out to graze the new pasture. Meanwhile he’s worried about the deluge of paperwork that goes with his NFU role.
  • Tom has a second attempt at making amends with Hannah. He apologises for what he said and accepts it was totally out of order. He says that working with Brian is difficult. He asks if she’d like to stay on, but she turns him down; she’s going to turn Brian down, too. The problem won’t go away, and she doesn’t want to get involved.
  • Both Brenda and Mike call to help Roy and Hayley unpack. Mike asks Brenda if Tom is all right – he didn’t seem to be earlier. Brenda admits that she’s really worried about him.

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