Nic is still not sure about moving back in with William.

Radio Times: There is a Grundy homecoming at Casa Nueva.

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  • Shula is still struggling at the stables and having to cut more staff hours. She is enjoying her time at the Cathedral. It’s good to feel anonymous after all the gossip at St Stephen’s.
  • William is back home at Casa Nueva and already finding his feet again on the shoot. But he is still trying to persuade Nic to move back in.
  • Jill is curious about what has happened to Kenton but Shula and Alistair aren’t telling or saying anything about who has been arrested for the burglary – except that he has been charged with a lot more than just the break in at the Stables. But Ryan’s desperation reminds Alistair how far he has come with his own addiction.
  • Jill also has a chat with Nic to try to reassure her she will fit in in Ambridge and that there are things to do. Most of all she will need some sort of job so she doesn’t totally depend on Will.

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