Alistair has a favour to ask.

Radio Times: Jack gets some dubious nursing.

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  • Lilian has come to look after Jack in Peggy’s absence, but he can’t wait to get rid of her and read his paper in peace. After a few inappropriate comments about Jack’s age and possible uses for the Maori fertility symbol donated by Sid and Jolene, Lilian comments that she’d like to get back into horse-riding, and when Shula drops in with some magazines, Jack seizes his chance and packs them both off to the stables.
  • The Grundy scrumpy has had a bad effect on David’s head, and Ruth isn’t at all sympathetic. Alistair comes over to see the cattle, and surprises Ruth by asking for the loan of £200, with a rather unconvincing story about having reached the cash machine’s daily limit because he’s bought a second-hand laptop, and needing to pay Eddie for the car-park work. He asks David and Ruth not to tell Shula.

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