Alan gets some good advice from the Bishop.

Radio Times: Alan needs a friendly ear.

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  • Still bruised from the PCC meeting, Alan goes to see his Bishop to discuss the homeless hostel idea. The Bishop wonders whether the real issue might not be Alan’s feelings of inadequacy, rather than social justice. But he is quick to praise Alan for what he has done to help Luke, and suggests that Alan might like to do some voluntary work at a similar project in Borchester. That way his parishioners might follow his example. He tells Alan that the Diocese has had an offer for the Darrington Rectory. Alan seems relieved; he and Amy are quite happy in Ambridge for the time being.
  • While Greg and Will are making pheasant pens, Will chatters on about the wedding plans and the pole barn, only to be told to shut up by an increasingly morose Greg. Apparently he was equally unpleasant to Helen when she brought him some sandwiches. As Fallon says, he’s just a miserable git since the accident at the shoot. But the wedding plans are going really well, with the local college doing the catering and Fallon providing the music.

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