Peggy finds a listening ear.

Radio Times: The future looks bright for Joe.

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  • Bert regales David with the events of the PCC meeting. He claims to have time for Alan, who stands up for his beliefs, but thinks he needs to learn some tact. Meanwhile Bert is going to take some time off so that he can take Freda shopping. The changes at the Bull in Sid and Jolene’s absence have upset her.
  • For once Peggy is in a good mood, and she presses Fallon to have some lunch with her when she calls to see Jack. She confides in Fallon that she’s very worried; Jack seems so frail. Fallon’s worried, too, but about Luke. The oddly assorted pair seem to cheer one another up, and they are both looking forward to the pub games night, which was Peggy’s idea.
  • When Fallon gets home, she overhears Jolene on the phone to Kathy. Lying through her teeth, Jolene tells her how well she got on with Lucy, knowing how strained relations between Kathy and Lucy were. Anything to get one over on Kathy!
  • David brings the tenancy agreement across for Joe and Eddie to sign. They are delighted at the low annual rent, and can’t wait to se Lynda’s face when they re-erect the pole barn exactly as it was before, but this time with the law on their side. David is rather less delighted with their thank-you present of Scrumpy, and makes a quick exit before he is obliged to start a drinking session with the Grundys.

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